Child’s Flour Sack Dress

I got this little dress at an antique shop about 15 years ago, and I’ve always loved it for the creative use of flour sacks.  The seamstress didn’t have as much of the white floral fabric as she did of the red, so she stretched it by using plain white cloth for the fronts of the sleeve ruffles.

Child's Flour Sack Dress, front

child’s flour sack dress, front
probably from the 1930s

Child's Flour Sack Dress, back

child’s flour sack dress, back

It’s all machine sewn, except for the hem, which is about 4 inches deep, and hemmed with a running stitch.

It has a little area of wear under one arm, so it was obviously worn a lot.  It looks like such a comfortable style.  I always wonder about the little girl that wore it – what did she think of her two-color dress?  Did she like it?  Was she ashamed that her dress was different from everybody else’s?  I wonder about the seamstress – did she think of a design that would have spaced the colors out more evenly, but then think, “No, too much trouble,” or was this the only design she could come up with?  Or did the little girl choose?

It seems to me that the clothes you can’t let go of are the ones you love, so I think the little girl loved this dress and couldn’t bear to part with it, even after she grew up.