Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

This is a tough one for me.  I am pretty much the opposite of a free spirit – a homebody.

I guess the most free-spirited thing I ever did was to take part in a teacher program that allowed me to be a seasonal park ranger out at Big Bend National Park in the summers of 2006 and 2008.

hiking in Big Bend

Feeling free in Big Bend.

Lost Mine Trail

Looking into Mexico from the Chisos Mountains.

Big Bend is bigger than Rhode Island, and in the summer, there are only about 150 people in the whole place.  You have to drive 100 miles to get to a grocery store or dentist.  Cell phones only work in a couple of spots.  I loved living out there for an extended time, and getting to canoe the Rio Grande, and to hike around the mountains and desert.

hiking on Indian Head Trail

Hiking on Indian Head Trail in 110 degrees.

Big Bend is the place my spirit feels most free, and most at home at the same time.