International Quilt Festival, Part One

Here are some of the fabulous quilts I saw today.  I went through the exhibits in about an hour, so I didn’t come close to seeing everything.  I love being allowed to take pictures, because it allows me to look at everything in detail later, without blocking other people’s view for a long time at the actual show.  And when the exhibit is no longer available, I can bring up my photos and get fresh inspiration.

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3 thoughts on “International Quilt Festival, Part One

  1. I love the tower of babel quilt, and the feathers one is outrageous! A picture popped up on FB earlier today of a former teacher of mine with her sister at a quilt conference – they’re in Houston, so I assume the conference was too. Is that the one you were at? Anyway I thought of you when I saw her smiling in front of a big fancy quilt:)


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