Plans, Projects, and Resolutions

I love to plan.  I probably have more fun planning than other people do actually doing things.  I can’t think without making a list.

So here are a few of my plans for 2013.

I have always wanted to create an artist’s journal, and sometimes I even complete a few pages, but I have never established the habit.  This year I am going to follow along with the exercises on Chris Carter’s wonderful blog.  The first step is to carry a sketchbook with me, even around the house, and I have one ready to go.  I am going to try to draw one day a week, at least.

I am going to join Lucie the Happy Quilter in Use Up Your Scraps Month.  Here are my bins and bags full of already-cut pieces and scraps.

scraps and pieces

scraps and pieces

These are not quilt pieces that are nicely sorted in color-coded bins, patiently waiting for their projects to get onto the runway.  No, these are the scraps on standby, and they are getting sick of this terminal.  It is time for some of them to get to their final destination.

Also, I am going to finally watch the quilting videos I have.  (I don’t have that many, but I have had them for 2 or 3 years and never even looked at them.) And then I will try some of those new techniques.  Let’s say one new technique per month, at least, even if it’s just a sample.

art booksIf I get through the quilting videos, maybe I will start working through some of my textile and art books too!