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Finally! A Little Quilting

We are still working on our living area renovation, and it is coming along pretty well, but I think I’ll make you wait until we are completely done for the big reveal. In… Continue reading

Semester Exam

You know how, when you have exams hanging over your head, you won’t let yourself do anything else until you’ve studied? I have been feeling that it was time for me to move… Continue reading

Animal Friends Festival Quilt

This is my first foray into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! It has been going on for five years at Amy’s Creative Side but I just found out about it on bekahdu handmade, where Bekah… Continue reading

Carnival of Scraps

It’s been pretty noisy in my sewing room lately.  My January goal was to round up my scraps, turn them into useful blocks, and store them away tidily until I needed them. But… Continue reading

Plans, Projects, and Resolutions

I love to plan.  I probably have more fun planning than other people do actually doing things.  I can’t think without making a list. So here are a few of my plans for… Continue reading