Animal Friends Festival Quilt

This is my first foray into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival! It has been going on for five years at Amy’s Creative Side but I just found out about it on bekahdu handmade, where Bekah posted her beautiful art quilt entry.

This is my entry in the Baby Quilt category.

penguins quilt

Penguins and Friends quilt by Textile Ranger

I have written about this quilt before, here and there, but here is a summary.

My method is to quilt-as-I-go, for the whole quilt at a time.  I start by placing one small panel, in this case the blue penguin fabric,  in the middle of the crib-size batting and backing.

I place a sashing strip face down on one edge of that panel.  I stitch it in place,  flip the strip open, and top stitch it down.  I repeat this process on all four sides, just making one giant log cabin block.  I repeat this process until I’ve reached the edge.

Sometimes I use strips of plain fabric, but other times I use a strip made of scrap blocks.

After I have worked out to the edges of the batting, I go back and add more machine quilting.  On this one I was experimenting with different patterns in the different blocks.  Some were more successful than others!

This quilt will go to a local police department for their fund raiser.  It is 41″ x 58″.

I have already seen so many inspiring ideas at the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  I encourage you to go look around there!