Savoring Spring

Here on the Gulf Coast, we usually only get about two days of Spring before jumping straight into six months of “Sauna,” but this spring we have had two months of absolutely lovely weather!  (High temps in the 70s, lows in the 50s or 60s.)  I don’t know if different animals are around because of the nice weather here, or if I’ve just seen more because I’ve just been outside more, but I have gotten some good pictures this spring and I thought I’d share.

summer tanagers

I would never have noticed this female summer tanager, if I hadn’t seen the male fly right over to her.

Gulf Coast box turtle

Harper’s barking brought me over to see this Gulf Coast box turtle. It may spend its whole life in an area the size of a football field!

coral snake

My husband held down this coral snake (gently) just long enough for me to get a picture – then we let it go.

rudbeckia and wasp

The pollinators are out.

sunflower and bee

I have a huge crop of volunteer sunflowers, and the bees are taking advantage of them.

prickly pear bloom

The prickly pear are blooming.

Eastern bluebird

The bluebirds stay close to the house…

female Eastern bluebird

…because they have a nest…


…here in our old stair post.

hidden baby bluebird

A closer look – I wonder what that baby is thinking.

pied-billed grebe

A pied-billed grebe has been hanging out here for the last month.

little blue heron

A little blue heron fluffs its feathers.

Northern cricket frog

This little guy is only an inch long!

Added to all this, all my farm and ranch paperwork for this year has been accepted by the county, I got to take an 8-hour tree ID class from the forestry service, no critters have eaten up my vegetable garden (yet, anyway), and I had a wonderful visit with both of my daughters and their husbands for Mother’s Day!  We have had plenty of rain so far this year too.  My soul is refreshed and I think I am even ready to face the Gulf Coast Summer!