Women’s History Month

I thought we might all enjoy this little peek into the past.  In 1894, J. L. Nichols published Safe Methods of Business, in which he devoted two whole pages (out of 338) to “Teaching Wives and Daughters the Ways of Business.”

business for women 1894

business for women 2

Anyone notice any basic reason we might not regard Mr. Nichols as the most qualified of instructors?   A reason you don’t really need to read carefully to find?  A reason that a child of five might notice?

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few more pieces of advice from Mr. Nichols.


I suppose this advice is applicable to both parties.

wife's signature

Oh sure, now that’s she married, all the doves and ribbons are gone!

business writing 1894

“I think I’ll skip the lesson where I show her how to complete bank drafts, letters of credit, and checks….”

Happy March!