Garden Update

A few months ago I posted about started seeds, using the traditional phases of the moon.  I started some in my little garden shed, and some right in the ground.  Late frosts got the outside seedlings and I had to start over, but now things are looking great!

I didn’t keep notes on the exact dates I planted, I just checked the calendar to see if it was a “good” day for whatever crop I was planting.  But I don’t know if transplanting counts the same as planting!

This is the first year I ordered seeds for food plants from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – I’ve gotten cotton seeds from them before.  I also really read the descriptions and ordered heirloom varieties that are supposed to be good for this area.  I didn’t get every seed to sprout, but the ones that did have gotten huge!

I also have red-foliated white cotton growing, birdhouse and luffa gourds, red onions and gold potatoes.  I need a bigger garden!