Summer Samples

Last spring I gave a few weaving lessons to a wonderful person who knew the basics but needed a little refresher.  We were going over the whole process of dressing the loom for weaving, so I wanted to set her up with a very basic warp.  I did not have enough of any one color, so we blended yellow and white cotton, and threaded your basic straight draw.

Fast forward to this year.  About 2 yards of a very narrow warp were still sitting on the loom.  It was too narrow and too bland to really do anything with.  Finally I decided to just use up odds and ends of yarn and make some little dish towels.

I added a few threads of a thick cotton yarn as thin warp stripes, and used a similar yarn in the weft of some of the patterns.

cotton samples

Here are the samples right off the loom.

cotton samples after

Here they are after being machine washed and dried. If you look close, you can see how the threads have “bloomed” and closed up the gaps between them.

twill draft

Here is the draft for the four variations.

They remind me of lemon sherbet.  I may cut them in pieces and sew them into a little table-topper.

Details for weavers:  5/2 cotton in warp and some weft; the weft in 4 is a cotton/ramie flake blend.  And if you need blank draft sheets, they are available (for 4 and 8 shafts) at Albemarle Handweavers Guild.

It feels great to be weaving again!  But I hear the quilts calling too… and the dye pots…