A Little Cowboy Quilt

My husband is off for a scuba weekend with one of our sons-in-law, so I have parked myself in the sewing room, trying to finish projects.

Way back in January, I made a bunch of these log cabin blocks with scraps.  I finally put these last nine together into a lap robe for the Veterans Administration Hospital.

red lap quilt

cowboy quilt

I am very happy with the corners of the blue and red diamonds.

This quilt will be a dedication quilt at the local Cowboy Church.  The church allows our little quilt group to use a meeting room, so we contribute quilts as a thank-you.  (Quilt group members who go to that church make most of them, but I try to make one a year.)

I bought the cowboy fabric about ten years ago, but I still see it in fabric stores.  Originally I thought I would put those red log cabin blocks in rows above and below this central panel, but they just didn’t look right.  I like the red and blue diamonds I used instead – they remind me of bandanas.

center panel

The cowboy fabric is by Michael Miller designs.

I tried a faux piping technique that one of our quilt group members had seen at Color Me QuiltyYou sew two strips of fabric together – one shows as the binding, and the other is totally hidden except for a tiny line.

faux piping

The plain maroon is the binding, and the blue piping is another strip of fabric tucked inside.

I can’t decide if it’s really worth using so much fabric that doesn’t even show – but usually I turn the back to the front for binding, and use a decorative stitch, and that uses lots more thread than this technique.

You may remember that a few months ago I suddenly started having problems (more than usual) with stitch consistency.  I think I have solved the mystery.  I brought it up at quilt group, and in trouble-shooting, one of my friends asked,”Is the quilt catching on the edge of the table?”  I said no, but later I realized – I had changed tables!  I had moved my sewing machine from one of those sturdy office tables, to an antique kitchen table that belonged to my great-grandmother.  I had added the center leaf to make the table longer, but I think that just made it even more wobbly than usual.  I think the sewing machine was sort of bouncing around on the table.  I put it back on an office table and the stitching has improved.

I am so glad to get these projects done.  Now it’s back into the sewing room to re-organize before my next projects!