Vintage Silk Production Postcards

A few times a year, around either my birthday or Christmas (or when there’s been enough of a time lapse for him to forget the last trip), my husband bravely accompanies me into some tchochke-laden, potpourri-scented antique shops.  This year, for Small Business Saturday, we went around the courthouse square in Huntsville, Texas.  This partial set of postcards was one of my finds.

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I fixed the contrast a little in Adobe PhotoShop Elements, and tried to bring back some of the color.  I wonder how colorful they were originally.

I don’t know exactly when they are from.  I had always heard that “Made in Japan” means the time right after World War II, but I don’t know if that applies to postcards as well as to china and dolls.  It’s interesting that the silk moths are referred to as “butterflies.”  It would have been nice to find the complete set, but I still like these a lot, for all the different fabric patterns they show.

I am really good at Christmas shopping – for myself, at least!