Christmas Kitsch

When it came to decorating, my grandmother was never a traditionalist.  She loved modern houses, modern furniture, and trendy holiday decorations.  She was the first person I knew to have a themed Christmas tree, and a natural-looking tree was not for her – she had a white flocked tree, with blue tinsel and blue glass ornaments.  Then she filled in with novelty ornaments – elves, drummer boys, and mice.  Her tree made a decorating statement.

Christmas tree

Here is my grandmother, about 1972.

sisters circa 1972

This is me with my little sister. Note the crocheted vests we are wearing – I am pretty sure my grandmother made them.  There is a little elf on the candy dish between us – you can see her below – the ink on her eyelashes has spread to give her a Goth look.

These ornaments are in amazing shape, for 40-year-old plastic!  My oldest daughter has them, and when I see decorations that just call out to me, I get them to add to the collection.  There is something so cheerful about them!  I think they are guaranteed to put you in the Christmas spirit.  Enjoy!