The Best Quilt….

…is one you’ve forgotten you have!

Calendar quilt by Ceda Sanchez of Del Rio.

Calendar quilt by Ceda Sanchez of Del Rio.

I bought this king-size quilt out in Big Bend in 2008.  I had never bought a current quilt before, only vintage ones, but I loved the mix of black-and-white fabrics.

When I got it home, it just didn’t go with the Mission style bed, antique dressers and wing chair in my bedroom, so I gave it to my daughter.  Six years later, she didn’t need it any more and brought it back.  Now that we have downsized, our bedroom is much smaller, and it has only a mid-century modern style bed and two small bookshelves in it.  This quilt’s strong but simple pattern gives the room a more unified and interesting look.

And when I am drinking my coffee in the morning, I can study all those different prints until they inspire me to get up and create something of my own!

This is called a calendar quilt – the red blocks stand for Sundays, and the other blocks are the other days of the week.  Because the quilter used rows of 19 blocks, the red blocks don’t line up or fall in perfectly predictable diagonals.