15 in ’15 End of the Year Check-in and a Find

I did not complete all the goals I set at beginning of the year.  But this has been my best year ever for actually working on goals throughout the year.

√ 15 fused quilt blocks
I had meant to do artistic blocks, but I went off in the direction of fusing lots of scrappy two inch squares.  I liked the projects I made, but I still want to do more of what I had in mind.

⇔ 14 fabrics finished up.

This is the area I concentrated on this last quarter.  Here are some lap quilts that I made for the VA hospital, mostly plain, but I used up four more fabrics that needed to move on, and one bag of scraps.  That is 8 total.

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⇔ 13 technique try-outs
I made a T-shirt quilt during this last quarter, but otherwise I didn’t try anything new, so that is 5 total.

⇓ 12 practice art quiltets
Still only one for the year.

√ 11 quilt video segments watched
I watched more video segments, finishing up a Leah Day class and watching most of the Winnie Fleming T-shirt quilt class.  So I over-achieved on this goal for the year.

√10 new supplies sampled
I completed this one by using Thermore polyester batting by Hobbs in those lap quilts.  It has a slightly sticky finish which I didn’t like that much, but it certainly didn’t shift or lump up, and it only has to be quilted 9 inches apart.  But I plan to stick with good old Hobbs 100 % cotton.

√ 9 new dye plants sampled
I did more dye experiments with persimmons, but didn’t get anything I would want to replicate. Still, I am checking this one off the list.

√ 8 small quilts
I completed this goal, and did the four extra, seen above!  Granted they are very utilitarian, but I didn’t say anything about artistic value. 🙂

⇓ 7 layers of surface design on cloth
Still nothing here.

√ 6 sessions of sharing textiles

√ 5 fiber field trips
During this quarter, I did get to go to the International Quilt Festival for my fifth field trip.  We had had so much flooding that weekend, I didn’t know if it would work out, but we went on Sunday morning.  It was the least crowded I have ever seen it!

My husband came with me.  I thought I would cleverly see what kind of quilts he is interested in, and maybe I could make him one sometime.  His favorite was an antique Mariner’s Compass, with really skinny points, and hand-quilting lines an inch apart.  I’m glad he could admire one at the show, because I don’t think I will ever make one.

4 warps
Still only one.

√ 3 tops (clothing, not quilts)

√ 2 big quilts
I have not finished hand-quilting Pixilated, or added any applique to it.  So it will need to go on next year’s list.  But it is bound, and I did finish the T-shirt quilt, so I am considering this goal met.

× 1 show
I gave up on this one early in the year.

So! Nine goals completed, four partially completed, and two not done.

The interesting thing to me is that the projects I did were much different from what I thought I would do.  I feel like someone who plans to try a dozen new cookie recipes, and gets as far as cleaning out the spice cabinet and arranging all the bakeware, but never makes the cookies.  I feel like it was a good year of using up odds and ends of materials, and practicing basic skills.  I think I will be ready for more artistic projects next year.

And on a very cheerful note, here is my latest find.  A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to breakfast with some work friends of his, and after breakfast I decided to go into a resale shop next to the restaurant.  Stuffed into a box under a table, I saw this fabric and pulled it out for a look.  I initially thought it was just a piece of cheater cloth, but realized it was a quilt in beautiful condition.  The resale ladies told me it had just gone on clearance, so I snapped it up.

Glorified 9-patch.

Nine patch variation.

One block, showing the machine stitching.

One block.

The back, showing the perfect spacing of the machine-stitched spirals. I increased the contrast, the back is a lighter purple.

The back, showing the perfect spacing of the machine-stitched spirals. I increased the contrast, the back is a lighter purple than it appears here.

I think it may have been a vintage top from the 50s, that someone recently machine quilted.  Someone might think that the machine quilting doesn’t match up with the piecing, but it was so consistent!  I would be thrilled if I quilted like that.  The quilt is absolutely pristine, and the binding is put on the scalloped edge perfectly.

The more I looked at it, the more trouble I had believing that someone would purposely put this in a resale shop.  There is just nothing wrong with it.  I went on Lost Quilt Come Home and all the local lost and founds I could find, but I didn’t find anything.  I guess it is possible that someone just didn’t appreciate it, but it is in a very appreciative home now!

I also looked for the name of this block in Maggie Malone’s book 5500 Quilt Block Designs.  Her block 3920 is similar, but that nine patch has a larger square in the center.  She gives the name as Glorified Nine Patch and Improved Nine Patch.

I have had really great luck in finding quilts this year.  And that is as satisfying as achieving goals!