Guess the Year

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In a vintage magazine, I came across this informative bulletin.  Can you guess what year this issue was published?  ( And so as not to throw you off, the illustrations in this post are not from the magazine.  I just liked them.  Because who doesn’t love houses and cars of the future?)


  • A NEW KIND OF RADIANT HEAT comes from electrified ceilings with no wires.  Conductive rubber is the heating element…. it was used to keep ice off airplane propellers.  For home heating purposes it is sandwiched between thin layers of plastic, which can be painted or papered.
  • TOMORROW’S CAR may have rubber fenders that snap back into place after a bump and a heated steering wheel cover for cold weather driving.
  • YOUR AUTO may run some day on such farm wastes as cornstalks and whey.  A pilot plant is now testing them out as motor fuel — as a standby for the day when oil supplies run down.
  • EVEN A DOLL has to worry about her figure these days.  Children from seven years old on up are demanding and getting slim, pretty dolls with good figures.  They want their dolls to look like the high school girls they admire, not like babies.
  • A TINY STRINGLESS GREEN BEAN has been developed which is just the thing for canning whole.  Also, agricultural scientists in this area have learned how to firm apple slices so they won’t mash up in cooking.
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Can’t guess?  Okay, here’s one more item from that page that might help you guess the date, while giving you cold chills at the same time.

  • DDT sprayed around playgrounds and along summer pathways will keep ticks away from children.  Remember that the family dog often brings them home with him, so dip him in DDT, too.  Caution: Never use this insecticide on the family cat.*

*Disclaimer:  This is a quote from an old magazine, NOT current advice!!!

Products advertised in this magazine include Odorono Cream (“not only protects your daintiness for a full 24 hours…but gives you the exclusive extra protection of HALGENE, the new wonder ingredient that checks perspiration odor”), Roley Poley Customette slip covers, and French’s Bird Gravel for your pet canary.

Recipes included Stuffed Steamed Cucumbers and Tomato Pie with Sardines.  Articles are titled: You Can Enjoy Ironing, Who’s Minding Your Children?, and Corduroy for Glamour.

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Okay, I’m sure that’s enough to help you pinpoint the year.  Leave your guess in the comments and we’ll see who guessed it correctly in a day or two!