Wrapping Up 2017

My word of the year for 2017 was Focus, and I even turned it into a little acronym to help me to remember what to focus on. Essentially I wanted to use up my scraps to finish the 17 works-in-progress that I had, weave up some towels, and keep a sketchbook.

Well, all that was a great plan, but then all the downsizing began — other people’s downsizing that found its way to my house.  In February a quilting friend had to move unexpectedly and sold off most of her stash, and I bought about 100 yards of various things.  A local interior designer gave me huge sample books. Then my mother-in-law started passing me the family textiles, sewing notions, letters, and photos, as well as book cases full of books, and boxes of military uniforms and Native American artifacts. All of that had to be sorted, and then either stored, auctioned, or donated.

I was very happy to receive all of it, but any focus I had had went by the wayside.

I did weave the towels, and I did keep an art journal.  I did finish seven of the projects on my list, these lap quilts, and two small play mats:

Two lap quilts for the VA hospital.

Three Christmas lap quilts for the VA hospital.

Play mats for my grandson. Each has a city side made from a printed panel, and a very abstract country side made from scraps.

And I did weave a warp from the Malin Selander book I wanted to delve into.

Six handwoven cotton towels.

Yarn dyed naturally with Texas Dandelion flowers. L to R – Licorice Twist yarn with dandelion dye, same with ammonia modifier, two skeins of Euro 6-ply sock yarn with dandelion dye.

But then I went off into new projects — two tops that I still haven’t finished —

60% triangle quilt top based on Papers and Plums by Alexandra Ledgerwood.  (Still needs borders.)

“Chips and Salsa” quilt top, based on Nine Patch and Fence Rail by Jenny Doan.  (Still needs borders.)

— and two crib quilts that are completed.

Scrappy blocks with a modern vibe. This is going to a friend of my daughter’s, for her new baby.

Daisy quilt made from orphan blocks.

Pieced back. This was before washing, but washing didn’t change the appearance much.

And I also put together an article for the Texas Historical Commission, on some 1950s baby clothes they received.

I decided to look back over the years I’ve been blogging, and see how my production varies from year to year.  It’s not a perfect accounting system, because the way I have counted it, dyeing one yard of fabric counts the same as completing a whole quilt.  But it appears that I generally finish one or two projects a month.  A normal year for me seems to be one big quilt, eight small quilts, and one warp for five towels.  Then besides that I have a little time and energy left to either do some natural dyeing or some chemical dyeing or make some artsy little quiltlets.

big quilts small quilts (lap or crib) woven pieces (towel, runner, etc.) natural dye plants tried or yards dyed chemically other (art, banner, etc.) total
2012 3 9 0 0 0 12
2013 0 7 5 10 0 22
2014 1 3 5 2 2 13
2015 1 8 1 5 11 26
2016 1 5 0 18 1 20
2017 0 9 6 1 0 16

I got more done this year than I thought, and I am looking forward to a more productive year in 2018.