Word of the Year for 2018

As I sat down to plan for this coming year, my Word of the Year popped into my head unbidden, and it was “Quality.”

A beautiful item, made with simple materials and techniques. On display at the Seattle Art Museum.

When it comes to quilts, I have always loved to improvise, just start somewhere near the middle and add various fabrics all around —

Start in the middle and just keep adding stuff!

— and I know that since my quilts are usually for donations, they may get some hard wear, and not be treasured by their recipients, so I haven’t agonized over details. I quilt them enough to stay together, but I don’t do beautiful intricate stitching.

But this year I think it is time to pay more attention to measuring and stitching more precisely.  I admire the work of so many of you, especially Kerry, Doreen, and Melanie, Lucie, Elizabeth, and Katy, and the way you create heirloom-level textiles.  You (and others) have inspired me to work to a higher standard.

A 19th century raffia piece from the Kuba culture – quality craftsmanship does not have to equate with predictable design. From the Seattle Art Museum.

Another elegant example of quality – a Native American basket, on display at the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum in Seattle.

And, as usual, I have made this word into an acronym to help me focus.  Since we all seem to make that perennial resolution to finish up all our Works-in-Progress, my first instinct was to have it stand for Quilt Up All Leftover [projects] In This Year.

But we all know that is not going to happen.  And I wanted to incorporate more priorities into my focus word, so I came up with this version:

Uploading (more of my pictures, and the family archive materials)
Art Journal and Archives
Layers of —
Interest – My role model here is Joanna — she finds such a variety of ways to mix interesting fabrics, shapes, and details into quilts that hold my attention.
Thread Sketching – I have received lots of different kinds of thread and I want to make the most of it!
Yoga – for my flexibility and circulation, I really need to get back into doing yoga almost every day.

I am looking forward to a productive and connected year!  Happy New Year everybody!