A Sampling of Pexels Free Stock Photos

I read the WordPress blog post today, about a library of free stock photos to add to posts.

Here are a few that came up for the search word, “textile.”  (Their credits come up automatically when you scroll over the image.)

They are really beautiful!  They are all licensed for non-commercial or commercial use.

(A note for WordPress bloggers — the WordPress post says that you can access these images from your media library or the Add Media button within a post, but I usually write from the old editor and couldn’t find these options.  I had to go to the “improved editor” to find the button they show in the screen shot.  I may need to update my version of WordPress to access the Pexels collection from the old editor, I don’t know.)


I see an opportunity for us textile people to help improve the image library.

As of this writing, there is only one image for “quilt” and it is pretty sad.

Yes, that is it.  A leather-look sofa.  Quilted, but not actually what I would call a quilt.

There are none for “loom,” and “spinning” just brings you to toys or bikes.  “Lace” brings up mostly pictures of shoe laces.  “Rug” and “carpet” show minimalist rooms with commercial wall-to-wall carpeting.

But the collection is always expanding, and anyone can submit photos.  I am thinking that we textile people need to get some photos in that collection!