The Endeavourers’ Reveal Day Three: Spirals

I am part of an online art quilt group, The Endeavourers, that works on quarterly challenges.  Our current topic “Spirals” generated a lot of ideas in my mind, but sewing machine troubles turned me to a hand-stitched project.

I started with the idea of trying out zipper trim á la Jamie Fingal, and then decided to create spiraling galaxies out of other sewing notions.  Hand-dyed fabric made a background that evoked of the depths of space.  Then at the local Big Box store, I saw a string of LED lights, and decided to add those too.  I wrote a little more about the process here.

A Sewist’s Universe

Detail of the “Hook and Eye Galaxy.”

Then I had fun photographing the piece at night.  I put the shutter speed on one second and waved the camera round to make light patterns.  Then I layered some of the shots in Photoshop®.

Basic shot, capturing the lights at night.

Light spirals made by 1-second shutter speed and motion.

Combined shots.

My favorite combination.

I can see printing these computer images on fabric for further pieces.

I would encourage you to go look at the other pieces from this challenge.  The scope of interpretations of the subject is huge.  And the artists’ accounts of their processes are inspiring as well!

The participants in The Endeavourers are:

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Janine –
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