A Thrift Store Find

Standing unsteadily on a shelf of unwanted Christmas decorations, this poor old doll caught my eye.  From the front, his clothes were in shreds, but in the back, the fabrics were unfaded.  For $4, he came home with me.

vintage doll

Thrift store doll.

back of vintage doll

The symbols woven into the coat cloth are intriguing.

Close-up of coat cloth, silk twill with brocading in copper, gold, black, blue, and turquoise thread.

The front fabric is hanging in shreds.

The legs, leg wrappings, socks, and sandals.

The back of the doll with the coat removed. Doesn’t this look like something Elvis would have worn?

In the back, the colors are still bright. The puffy sleeves and trouser legs are gathered and held in place with little cords.

The leg wrappings are lined with a red silk crepe, that was never visible on the doll.

These shoes were never visible either, as the doll was attached to a wooden base.

The hand with articulated fingers.

The construction of the body and arms. His “stomach-forward” stance is caused by his armature.

The wire armature and straw stuffing.

The face, made from a crepe fabric, with painted details.

The doll with his costume and sword. The coat has a red silk crepe lining.

The doll and his clothes were made with a combination of machine and hand stitching.  His hair has held up well, but I cannot tell what fiber it is made from.

I enjoyed taking a closer look at his clothing, and now he can go live happily in the doll house with my Greek dolls.  🙂