Some Kids’ Quilts Finishes

I am very happy to have gotten two quilts finished before the holiday hustle and bustle begins.

I started making quilts with this pattern in early 2018.  I initially saw the pattern on Katy Quilts. I completed three in 2018, and then pieced this one in 2020, and I have one more ready to go.

Baby quilt, Nov. 2021.

Glittery dragonflies for the backing.

I have quilted them each a little differently.  For this one, I used 80 wt. thread and stitched in the ditch down all the columns.  Then I did some swag shapes at the tops and bottoms of the rectangles.

Last year I was given bags and bags of fabric, much of it pre-cut, and I have been working on turning it into “I Spy” quilts.  I finally got one completed.

The backing fabric is not one I would have ever chosen myself, but it has bright colors, and who can say no to a whole backing??

An I Spy quilt — I have pieced 4 tops the same, but so far I have only quilted this one.

Peace and Love fabric for the backing.

Fun fabrics for an “I Spy” quilt.

On this one, I got a little venturesome with the stitching — I stitched in the ditch with an 80-weight thread in white, then I crossed the colorful squares with a variegated 12-weight thread.  Then I quilted the sashings with the 80-weight white thread again, so they would stay flatter and the colorful squares would puff.

I stitched diagonal lines with 12 wt. variegated thread, and very random “ribbon candy” in 80 wt. white thread.

On both quilts, I had plenty of backing fabric, so I just turned it to the front instead of doing a separate binding.

It feels so good to finish!  All I’m asking Santa for is more time to quilt!