Scrappy Baby Quilts Finished

I started these baby quilts back in February, and I finally got all three of them finished.  On one of them, I quilted smaller patterns in the white blocks only, and on the other two, I did a large overall pattern.  (The quilting is nothing to write home about, so I am not going to put close-ups. )

Scrappy baby quilts.

They were based on a baby quilt from KatyQuilts.   I loved the simple design, and the way she incorporated gray and black into baby quilts.

This one has sections of color, and a large overall loopy quilting pattern to pick up the circles in the prints.


On this one, the colors are placed randomly, and the quilting is different in each of the white patches.

This one is my favorite. It is quilted in vertical wavy lines.

I especially love the black fabric with colorful circles, and I ordered lots more!

I had so much fun making them, and I have enough blocks left over for at least one more quilt.  I am so glad that for once I finished a project the same year I started it!