Two Small Finishes

Over the past few months real life has snapped its fingers to get my attention — my husband has had two minor knee surgeries, we had a big party to celebrate owning this farm for 60 years, and my parents have moved into assisted living.  All that makes me value the mental break of sewing time even more than usual.

Wild animal baby quilt.

I like the way the patterns on the animals are decorative rather than realistic.

The fabric for this baby quilt was all donated to me by my friend in Dallas — and she even took the finished top, chose a backing, and quilted it on her long arm! (Otherwise it probably would not be finished.)

The backing of the quilt has animals patterns in bright colors.

I have never done anything with a panel before and I think this one is very cute.  The little squares around the panel were precut when I got them, and I framed them with an ombre gray fabric to give a little variation in the sashing.

The second thing I have finished recently was for the online art quilt group The Endeavourers.

We had done about 17 quarterly challenges, and had finished the list of themes suggested when we first started.  So this quarter’s theme was to go your own way, go further down a path you had started with a previous piece.

I had lots of ideas but not lots of time, so I combined some vintage linens with some images of my grandmother’s teapot, computer-printed on fabric.

“Tea for Three”

As with a lot of my pieces, I like it, but I would like to add more to it. I think it needs more integration of the foreground images with the background, and I would like to give it a more definite border. But I think it makes a nice companion piece to “Stitches in Time,” the one I did for our Memories theme.

As we all posted our pieces this quarter, it was interesting that most of us said we work better with a given theme than with free choice!  If you would like to see what everyone else did, and what we will be up to next, you can take a look here.