ScrapHappy March 2023

I told myself THIS would be the year I would finish ALL of my unfinished objects (UFOs) before I let myself start any new projects.

Okay, I would finish FIVE quilts before starting anything new.

Well, considering that in a good year, I make one twin-size quilt and about six baby quilts, maybe that goal was unrealistic.  How about TWO finished quilts and all my paperwork (a very simple tax return and a pretty simple ranch report), before starting any new projects.

Well, scraps can’t be said to be new, can they! Plus how can I spread out my paperwork when all these scraps are stacked up looking at me?

Two blocks of Sharon Tucker’s String Theory quilt design.

I saw this quilt, String Theory, in the April 2017 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  Last year I made a complete set of blocks with red and yellow sashing, and I thought it would also look good in blue and cream. 

It is my favorite design for scrap quilting, because:

  1. for the scrap sections, you don’t even have to measure
  2. it lends itself so easily to long sessions of stitching mindlessly
  3. the alternating rows of sashing means that you aren’t trying to match lots of little corners

Sew strips of fabric together.

Slice them into strips 2.5 inches wide. (I toss the very skinny parts but keep the sections over an inch wide for future projects.)

Stitch them around a central square, log-cabin fashion.

And I am sure that after all this stitching, my brain will be refreshed and energetic enough to face my paperwork.

ScrapHappy Day is the 15th of each month, when various artists and craftspeople tame their scraps into something useful or expressive. It is hosted by Kate and Gun, the first two names listed below, and they would love for you to join us!  Just let them know and they will add you to the list.