ScrapHappy April 2023 — A Mending Story

Years ago, a fellow quilter and blogger, Paula B, was downsizing and asked me if I would like to have some of the things she had collected.

Of course I said yes, and she sent me three cotton dresses from the late 1800s/very early 1900s. 

I love them because they are everyday dresses, nothing fancy.  They are Mother Hubbard style with lined yokes and self belts at the waist.  Paula didn’t know anything about them, but I would guess they all belonged to the same person, and she was tiny!

Two dresses from the late 1800s or early 1900s.

Yoke of dress one — you can see the lining.

Yoke of dress two.

Two of the have large areas of mending on the sleeves, so I am showcasing those today to show the use of scraps. I treasure the variety of fabrics that were used to patch the holes.  I like to think that the original owner perhaps wearing these dresses to work in the garden — things that were comfortable, but she didn’t have to worry about ruining.

Sleeve 1.

Detail of sleeve 2, with a tiny patch of white fabric.

Sleeve 3.

Sleeve 4.

Paula also sent me a gorgeous collection of antique fabric scraps, which I wrote about here.  She has since passed away, but I am so grateful that I got to know her and share her love of fabric!

ScrapHappy Day is the 15th of each month, when we celebrate the use of scraps. It is hosted by Kate and Gun, the first two names listed below, and they would love for you to join us!  Just let them know and they will add you to the list.

Our group is getting larger! This month we have a returning member, Lynn, and some new members, Amo, Alissa, and Tierney!