Hoops Humor

I’m going to the International Quilt Festival tomorrow, so I have to rest up!  So here is just a quick post for tonight, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have plenty to report from the festival in the next few days.

This comment was in Harper’s Weekly on Feb. 12, 1859:

Rightly or wrongly, the esthetic eye requires that the female figure shall be broader at the base than at any other point… Certainly a woman without hoops, with garments clinging to her person, and exposing, in the wind, the contour of every limb, is neither gracefully nor delicately attired.

hoops illustration

from Harper’s Bazaar in 1859

The caption says:

Police Constable (to boy) “Now then, off with that Hoop, or I’ll precious soon Help you!”
Lady (who imagines the observation is addressed to her), “What a monster!”
lifts up the crinoline and hurries off

I love a joke from a past century.