Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

For this week’s photo challenge, I chose some pictures I took at Hoover Dam this spring.  They are not the best photos, but they do illustrate something I am interested in – the contrast of organic with geometric shapes.

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam 2

Hoover Dam 3

The  geometric forms of the buildings contrast with and yet complement the stark rock.  More geometric shapes break up and enhance the surfaces of the buildings.  I think the building in the first photo would look interesting no matter where it was located, but set against the boulders, it is spectacular.

I think weavers especially are drawn to the interplay of geometric and organic shapes – the warp and weft threads intersect at right angles, but it can appear that the threads are going in diagonals or curves.

red curves

Every weft in this tiny weaving intersects the warp at a 90 degree angle – the colors trick your mind into believing there are curves.

blue twill

No curves here either.

I’ve used the contrast of geometric with natural shapes in my butterfly and pollinator quilts.  I would like to create more quilts highlighting that contrast some day – for now I’ve only played around with designs in Photoshop.

rocks and glacier

Design for a quilt, based on Big Bend limestone and a glacier in Alaska. I think a border of the glacier will give it a better balance of colors.

Well, I have wandered far away from the photo challenge – but I enjoyed the thoughts it inspired!