Color Party, 1905-style

Working on the color blocks quilt reminded me of my favorite idea from that wonderful one-dollar bargain book, Bright Ideas for Entertaining, by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott, 1905.

seven tables 1

seven tables 2

pink table

Obviously these people were not concerned with the food pyramid, but there are some unusual combinations here.  Lettuce, olives, and pickles?  Maybe there was some salad dressing to accompany those.  But red cake and cranberry sauce?  Lemon pie with cheese?  And what on earth are brown pickles???

Also, did you notice that blue and purple are missing?  If I was going to create those menus, I guess I would have blueberries and bleu cheese at one table, and grapes, eggplants, and purple cabbage at the other!

Sadly, I don’t have any brown doilies or an old-fashioned red tablecloth to photograph to accompany this post, but I do have one dresser scarf that is beautifully embroidered with multicolored flowers.  It may be from a later date than the book, but I think it would be at home at such a feast.

bouquet corner

The corner edging is all buttonhole stitch.

embroidered bouquet

Detail of embroidery on linen.

French knots

Detail of French knots.

Well, I’m off to go look for some of my favorite all-brown food – chocolate!