When I go to antique shows, I am likely to go on the first day, browse a little bit, make my purchase, and leave within an hour or two.  I have never gone back on another day, but this last weekend I did, to pick up the coverlet I had purchased on Saturday.

We got to the show a few hours before closing, and it was not heavily attended, so we thought we’d take one last look around, and see if there were more bargains to be had.  I went to a booth where I had seen linen towels (because you can never have enough linen towels!), and while I was digging through the stacks on the shelf, I saw a quilt top I had not noticed the day before.

The lady in the booth came over and said, “It’s damaged, but it isn’t expensive.”  I asked her how much, calculating how high I was willing to go, and she said, “Two dollars.”  So I contained my excitement and said I would take it.

She asked me, “Are you going to fix it?”

I said,  “I don’t know if I will get to it, but I will try.  I may never quilt it but I will document it, and fix it as a top.”

She must have liked my answer, because she started going through boxes of stuff she had not unpacked that day, and picking out things she thought I might like, and in some cases just giving them to me!  I ended up with a giant bag of things for a grand total of $10, and she told me she would hold them there while I looked around at the rest of the show.

And that led to another purchase which will be the subject of my next post.  But for now, let’s look at that top!

Purple quilt top.

Purple quilt top.

Kaffe Fassett has a similar design called Pink Flags in his Passionate Patchwork book, but that is the only place I can find something similar in the books I have.

Purple Pennants.

Purple Pennants.  So festive!


The purple fabric is not helping me date this quilt.  Barbara Brackman says both that there were purple fabrics in quilts before 1850, and that purple was not popular until the 1920s.  Browns, on the other hand, lost popularity about 1900.  It is all hand-pieced.

Beautiful prints.

Beautiful prints.

3 browns Regardless of its age, I know I would never cut and piece diamond shapes so well, so I would treasure it for its craftsmanship alone.