Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #76 — On Display

For this week’s Lens-Artists theme of “On Display,” I am hearkening back to our trip to Düsseldorf, Germany, last year.

I don’t get much opportunity to walk around shopping areas at night, so it was a big treat to walk along in the high end shopping area of Königsallee in Düsseldorf.

Along Konigsallee at night.

Versace’s red Christmas trees.


The Ermenegildo Zegna window.

I liked the vertical reflections in the Gucci window, but the employee inside seemed to be brushing me away.

Gucci window in Dusseldorf.

I loved the Cartier windows.  They balanced linear hints of architecture with details like tiny buttons and bows.

cartier christmas display

Eye-catching display, even after most of the jewelry was removed for the night.

figures of shop assistant and leopard

A leopard bearing a gift.

miniature christmas tree with figures

cartier shop window display

I loved the simple hints of skyline in the back.

The reflections caught in the shots made me think that the shop assistants were dreaming of future careers in the world of fashion.

Other beautiful displays we saw on that trip were the Christmas markets, and treasured dresses for statues of Mary and Baby Jesus in Aachen.


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