ScrapHappy February 2022 — The Scraps Escape!

In 2020, I was given bags and bags of scraps, and one of the projects I started was a quarter Log Cabin, but the blocks were turning out too unruly even for me. Instead of making a large bed quilt as I had planned, I turned some of the blocks into lap quilts for donations, but I still had blocks left over.

I turned to other projects but I kept my antennae up to find a solution for these leftover blocks.  Throughout the year I kept noticing layouts that had blocks of solid fabric alternating with the busy blocks, and I thought that was my solution.

Online, I particularly liked Circle of Nine and Cherrywood Toss from Mary at Zippy Quilts.  And then I found the pattern “Scattered” in the book Stash Statement by Kelly Young.

“Scattered,” a design by Kelly Young, in her book Stash Statement.

I had enough gray fabric to set 20 strips of scraps.  I cut some of the log cabin blocks into thinner strips, and created some fresh strips too.  I really liked the way it looked.

Scrap blocks on the design wall.

But I still had so many scraps left over!  First I thought of making a border of scraps, but as I was moving the blocks around, it occurred to me to put all the leftover scraps in the center.  Then the widely-spaced scrap strips looked like they were splintering off and flying away,

Here it is up on the design wall, and I love it!

Scrap blocks on the design wall.

I am doing this Quilt-As-You-Go.  The central section is all done.  One gray section is quilted with wavy triangle shapes, but the others are still just blocks.  I am going to have to experiment with their placement, and big surprise, I will probably have some left over!  Then I will quilt each long gray rectangle, and then attach them around the central panel.

Maybe I will get it finished by the next ScrapHappy Day! which is the 15th of each month, hosted by Kate and Gun, the first two names on the list below.

And lest you worry that I will finally run out of scraps, my same friend from Dallas just passed literally 80 more pounds of scraps on to me. 

A fresh batch of scraps.

So I plan to be here for many more ScrapHappy Days, with all of these inspiring bloggers:

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