Some New Tops

Since I actually finished two kids’ quilts, I rewarded myself with putting together some new tops.

I made a second version of a safari quilt, this time adding a cheetah on the left.

Safari quilt 2.

The second top uses up a lot of leftovers from my recent I Spy quilts; combined with a cute fabric that has dinosaurs and unicorns in the jungle with the usual lions and giraffes.

This may be my favorite quilt I have ever made.

Bright jungle quilt.

I loved playing with the scale of the tiny checked fabric, the four patches, 16 patches, and square-in-a-square.

The inspiration for this pattern was from a quilt on Pinterest.  The original is no longer on the web.  The quilter used a rail fence block where I used a four-patch, and she varied the fabrics more than I did. 

Finally I grabbed a few of the myriad bags of the pre-cut fabrics I’ve been given, and combined them into this design.

Cartoon kitties and lady bugs.

It is so satisfying to use up the last little bit of a donated fabric! All three of these are already basted and I hope to work on them soon.