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Widening Horizons

Before I had kids, I didn’t realize how your kids’ interests become yours too.  My younger daughter has always been interested in animal science, and I have tagged along on some of her… Continue reading

Christmas Cheer

It’s a little too warm to really feel like Christmas, but I am starting to decorate a little. One of my favorite decorations is this vintage fabric.  I don’t normally decorate with gold,… Continue reading

Textiles of Comfort and Joy

At this time of the year, we especially think of mitigating the suffering of others.  The comfort and community we craftspeople feel, just from making something, is beautifully expressed here on Quilting Piece… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometry

For this week’s photo challenge, I chose some pictures I took at Hoover Dam this spring.  They are not the best photos, but they do illustrate something I am interested in – the… Continue reading

International Quilt Festival, Part One

Here are some of the fabulous quilts I saw today.  I went through the exhibits in about an hour, so I didn’t come close to seeing everything.  I love being allowed to take… Continue reading

Books on the Nightstand, Books on the Kindle, Part Two

Art books for less than half their listed price, old out-of-print books for free, books that I didn’t even know existed now magically recommending themselves to me, huge books that can now fit… Continue reading

Books on the Nightstand, Books on the Kindle, Part One

When someone asks me, “Kindle or real book?”  my answer is “Both.”  I will take any book I can get in any form.  I love being able to carry 50 or so books… Continue reading

Nature’s Spinners

This morning was misty, and I could see a huge spider web from all the way across the pond.  When I got out there with my camera, I saw lots of  webs of… Continue reading

Nature’s Weavers

It’s been breezy lately, which means empty birds’ nests are falling from the trees. I’m always amazed at the variety and strength of these structures.

Textile Destination: San Antonio

You may not know this, but Texans have certain assigned duties, including checking on the Alamo regularly, and drinking beer down on the Riverwalk while listening to mariachis play Johnny Cash songs.  So… Continue reading