Christmas Cheer

It’s a little too warm to really feel like Christmas, but I am starting to decorate a little.

One of my favorite decorations is this vintage fabric.  I don’t normally decorate with gold, but during the Christmas season it seems appropriate.  I bought this at an antique store probably 20 years ago.  The store owner told me that it was a piece of French drapery material from the 1920s.  He said it was silk, but the thick lumpy yarn seems like an extravagant use of silk to me – I would think it could be rayon instead.

drapery fabric

drapery fabric reverse


I just love the strong contrasts in this fabric – the traditional design worked in the unusual slubby yarn, and the thick dull red yarn contrasted with the thin shiny golden thread.

drapery detail 1

drapery detail 2

fabric detail

detail – does that frayed thread look like silk to you?

I have often used this fabric for a tree skirt, but it also looks great on a table.  Here I have added some little winter candle-holders that were my grandmother’s, and an arrangement of greenery from the yard.

Christmas table

Christmas greenery

The greenery is from loblolly pine, Eastern red cedar, live oak, and grapevine. The red-berried plant is yaupon.

figurines 1

gift- and lantern-bearing figures

figurines 2

songbook- and skis-bearing figures

I am still having lots of trouble with my pictures not auto-fitting to the blog.  I never had that problem before this latest “improvement” to the media upload process.  Maybe Santa will fix it for Christmas!