Carnival of Scraps

It’s been pretty noisy in my sewing room lately.  My January goal was to round up my scraps, turn them into useful blocks, and store them away tidily until I needed them.

random scraps

“Pick me! Pick me!”

But as I pour out a basketful to sort, and see their random combinations, it’s as if they’re waking up, stretching, and start to call out like midway barkers:

“Get your  red-and-white  16-patch right here!  A Show Stopper in a few Simple Steps!”

“Step right up and see a new combination!  Olive and black with cream – you’ve never tried it before!  Try it now!”

“Just hit the secret scrap and win a goldfish!”

“Orange scraps, you say, what can you do with orange?  How ’bout some nice yellow and green scraps – a citrus theme !  That’s the ticket!  Sure to brighten your day!”

“Right over here, nice lady – see the Acrobatic Airborne Batiks!  They flip, they fly, they always look spectacular!”

I could plug my ears and sing “la-la-la” but then I really wouldn’t get anything done.

So.  I am writing down all the ideas, and trying very hard to focus on one at a time.

This is the first completed project, a lap robe for the veterans’ hospital.

lap quilt

I had the batting already fused to the backing and I wanted to put a top on it before it got messed up.  I’ve had the center panel for a couple of years, but all the fabric in the stripes came from my mom and there’s no telling how long she had it.  For people in the hospital,  I want the backing to be smooth and silky, so I buy fabric with that in mind.  Northcott fabric always feels great, and I have been lucky to find remnants that are big enough for backing on the sale shelf.  I fold the extra backing fabric to the front instead of adding binding.

It’s a practical little piece, and I can feel the sewing room getting a little calmer, now that one project is done.