Quilt Festival Treasures

Here are some of the quilt pictures I took at the 2013 International Quilt Festival, and what caught my attention about these particular quilts.  (The pictures are huge, but when I try to edit them down to 90% of the “large” size, they shrink down to tiny.  I don’t know why.  So for once, I will have huge photos.)

These quilts show the impact that a relatively simple pattern can have:

Jennison quilt

Fifty Shades of Groovy, by Leslie Tucker Jennison, San Antonio, TX

Heinrich quilt

Sparkler, by Lee Heinrich, quilted by Jenny Pedigo, Mequon, WI

This quilt highlights qualities of a fabric by using it in thin strips.  The quilter designed the featured fabric too!

Nadelstern quilt

Kaleidoscope XXXVII: Pseudo-Symmetry, Paula Nadelstern, Bronx, NY

This next quilt amazed me because it was a collaboration!

Kerrville collaboration

Pottery II, Linda Humphrey, Anita Crane, Marilyn Lampman, Holly Nelson, Ro Molder, Helen Ridgeway, Marvene Wallace, Isabelle Toliver, Kerrville, TX

These next quilts caught my attention with the way they played with the elements of art –


Schlager and Loomis quilt

Brown Planet A Collaboration by Norma Schlager and Kathy Loomis, Danbury, CT

Lacy quilt

Antelope Canyon, by Kimberley Lacy, Colorado Springs, CO.  (I may not have the last name right – the photo I took of the exhibitor sign is blurred.)

Lacy quilt detail

Antelope Canyon detail


Clark quilt

Kelly, by Dahlia Clark, Guelph, Ontario


Godden quilt

Zen Magpies, Helen Godden, Latham, Canberra, Australia.

Godden quilt detail

Zen Magpies detail. The variety and quality of the machine quilting astounded me.

I loved the way these quilts took tradition and gave it a little twist that would never have occurred to me:

McNew quilt

All My Rowdy Friends by Ann McNew, Winfield, MO. I love the way that the use of different-colored threads spotlights the quilting.

McNew quilt detail

AND every feather is quilted differently!

Fetch quilt

Renaissance by Theresa Fetch, Uvalde, TX. Fetch quilted the piece, then dyed it and covered the surface with Shiva Paintstiks. It reminds me of the old glazed calimanco quilts.

Fetch quilt detail

Renaissance detail

Monroe quilt

Curvaceousness Squared, Nancy Lindberg Monroe, O’Fallon, IL. The colors are glorious, but what really grabbed my attention was the way she broke the usual quilt rectangle.

But what most often causes me to stop and study a quilt, is when it has layers of technique that all enhance each other, to build one gorgeous image.

York quilt

Windows by Kathy York, Austin, TX. Kathy York is one of my quilting heroes.

Windows detail

Windows detail, showing how embellishment, applique, and printing are all used together.

Maeda quilt

Cakes Are Ready!, Keiko Maeda, Ebetsu-Shi, Hokkaido, Japan

Maeda quilt detail

Cakes Are Ready! detail. The piecing! The quilting! The embellishment! So fabulous!  (I’m sorry my photo is blurred, but you get the idea.)

And of course all these quilts are flawless in execution.  I don’t think I will ever try to enter a show, but I know I will use some of these ideas just for my own enjoyment.

You can see many more quilts in the 2013 Winners in Quilts gallery of the International Quilt Festival website.