Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Dishes, Pots, Pans, and Silverware

I love this current series of Cee’s: Photo Ops in Your Own House.  I had so many ideas for this installment — I have dishes, pots, and pans from three generations before me, and I buy boxes of china at auctions.   I really wanted to line up pots from each generation — cast iron, enamelware, aluminum, and stainless steel — but I got caught up with the enamelware and didn’t get any of the other kinds photographed.  I also wanted to place each era of pot with its matching china, but I will have to save that idea for another day.

I did get to showcase a vintage tablecloth though!  If you pay attention to cooking magazines, you will notice that the pictures often show vintage or handmade table lines, to set the food off to advantage and make it look extra delicious.

Enamelware and produce.

Mustard greens, cucumbers, and tomatoes in old enamel pans and bowls.

This is what happens when your family members never throw anything away.

This one is a plan for a quilt composition.

Cheerful flower patterns.