More Play Mats

I bought two sets of these play mat panels almost a year ago at a shop hop.  I made one set for the neighbor kids, and I finally finished the other set for my grandson.

My genius idea when I first made them, was to make two small mats, city on one side and country on the other, instead of making one giant bed-size mat.  I thought it would be easier to sew and to launder, and that the kids could enjoy arranging them different ways.

Two play mats showing the city sides. These are by Deborah Edwards for Northcott.

For this set, I had to piece the “country” side out of several green fabrics.  As before, I added very simple shapes for ponds and parking lots (or tar pits, if you are playing with dinosaurs).  I used interfacing instead of batting, to give the mats a little body so they would lie flat, without being so puffy that toy animals would not be able to stand up.  (And also because I have lots of interfacing to use up.)

Two country sides. I was happy to find a use for this grass fabric.

One country and one city side.

I fused down the edges of the curving pieces, but when I went to stitch along the raw edges, one pond piece gave me fits!  I had to stop every 10 stitches or so and pull glue lumps off the needle.   The only thing I could think of was that I had used Heat and Bond Lite from two different rolls, finishing up an old roll and then starting a new one, and the new one was the troublesome one.  In the future, I will try fusing and sewing through a sample piece, before I use lots of fusible all over a project.

And next time I have trouble falling asleep, I am going to count the different ways these mats could be arranged!