I Spy Donations

A friend from Dallas gave me bags and boxes of fabrics — someone had donated so much to their quilt group, that they were spreading it to out-of-town friends!  Some of it was in large pieces, and I made those into pillowcases:

Purple pillowcases.

Blue pillowcases.

A lot of the fabric was already cut into squares — a natural for I Spy quilts.  I am not choosing squares randomly; I am doing some designing, and I am making four quilt tops at once!  Once I have my choices for each row, I am repeating them three times.  I am hoping that will help me get them together quickly.

I Spy blocks, a start for a quilt.

Of course I needed a few new fabrics to fill in, and over Labor Day weekend, I ventured into a quilt shop for the first time in a year (my local quilt shop closed last fall).  And then I ordered some online, a large enough order that I felt I had to warn my husband in case he noticed it on the bank statement.

He took it well, then just pointed to my quilt collection (which takes up two large shelving units in our living room), and said, “You know, I think there are some quilting supplies over there.  Just saying.”  (I did not try to explain that those are vintage quilts, not new fabric.)

There was enough of this fish fabric to make a crib quilt top:

Cute fish fabric.

and a zoo animal panel that I surrounded with pre-cut squares in two sizes:

Zoo panel top. I like the multiple giraffes balancing the top half of the panel’s composition.

— and lots of patriotic fabric.  I turned some into this lap quilt top for the VA hospital.

Star lap quilt top.

I haven’t quilted any of these yet.  For some reason, I feel like it is less messy to have a stack of tops than to have stack of cut pieces!  I am having so much fun melding all these different fabrics into tops!