ScrapHappy February 2021 — My Fastest Turn-around Ever

I actually have two lap quilts/table toppers to share, but I didn’t photograph them. We were supposed to get snow, and I thought it would be nice to have pictures with snow in the background. Well, no snow yet, just days of cloudy bleakness. So I will save them to share next month.

But this morning as I was reading Elizabeth Eastmond’s blog, I learned that the Surfside Quilters Guild of San Clemente, California, has free Block-of-the-Month patterns on their website, and I went to check it out. I loved a lot of them, but especially their “Love Birds” pattern from the 2019-2020 year.

In the original, the birds are watching a bee fly by, but I thought the birds should be gazing at each other, and then, since my husband and I are a pair of old birds, I pulled some vintage scraps (that were given to me a few years ago by Paula B).

2 swatches of 1930s fabric
I love the way that the green fabric looks pleated — but it isn’t! It is just printed that way.

A little fusing, a little free-motion quilting (including the words “Love Birds” in the quilting), a little binding — and in less than 3 hours (with a couple of bird-watching breaks), I was done!

One tip to make it easier — I used a marker to outline the eyes and make their pupils on light cloth, before cutting out a small figure 8 shape for both eyes together.  I didn’t try to make separate circles for eyes. Then I just stitched around the whole shape and between the eyes.

The girl bird does not have the adoring look in her eyes that I was going for — in fact she looks a little bit like she might be nagging. And the boy bird looks a little worried about that. But the hearts are floating in the background to show that true love is there!

ScrapHappy is the 15th of each month, hosted by Kate in Australia, and Gun in Sweden, which means that the actual time of posting is a little loosy-goosy (to stay with the bird theme).  If you would like to join us, just let them know!

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