Two Finishes and a Disappointment

I have been getting some small quilts through to completion. For this first one, the fish print fabric was already cut up when I received it. I am happy to use donated fabric, but I do wonder at how people often cut it with no regard to the scale of the print.

I used Jenny Doan’s Two-Step Quilt pattern, and framed the fish squares with 2.5 inch strips. Wavy lines seemed like a natural choice for the quilting, and I am ecstatic that I thought of using the green stripe for binding. I bought way too much of that fabric once and I have despaired of ever using it up. It does not get along along quietly with its fabric friends.

A fish quilt in crib size.
A lovely beachy print for the back.

The backing fabric was also donated — this is one of the few large pieces of fabric I received. It is beautifully silky and I think any baby will like being set down on it!

The other quilt that I have finished is a very simple design to use up more of the patriotic fabrics I was given. These looked to be scraps left after scrubs pattern pieces were cut out. They are very heavily sized, which makes them easy to stitch.

Red and blue bricks lap quilt.
Back of the blue and red lap quilt.

The backing fabric was in large rectangles and all I had to do was stitch a strip between them. This fabric has a beautiful hand and I have enough of it for several more quilts.

As a matter of fact, the Snarky Quilter, Joanna Mack, asked me how much of this fabric I had left, and I weighed it and it came to 81 pounds!

So now to the disappointment. In 2018, my daughter asked me to make a nature-themed quilt for her baby. I had so much fun designing fabric based on pictures of animals from our own property, and I had my designs printed by Spoonflower. I wrote all about that here.

Now granted I may have made a huge mistake by ordering it on Kona cotton instead of cotton sateen. When the fabric came, it looked great, but it was very heavy and hard for me to quilt. I wrote about my difficulties and solutions here.

When I was finished, it didn’t look like I had envisioned, but we still liked the fact that it was a one-of-a-kind quilt. I thought I would take what I had learned, and make a lot more quilts with fabrics printed on-demand.

The front.
The back.

I did wash it and heat set it when I got the fabric. But now, after being washed only three times, it has faded like crazy.

It had developed some little holes, so I took it back with the idea of patching it with leftovers from the original quilt, and you can see how badly it has faded.

The toss print on gray background.
Original striped fabric above the faded stripe.

Considering that I spent about $150 on it, I am not feeling like I got a good value.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is it expected that these fabrics are just for decoration and should not be washed? I look forward to your input!