Playing Dress-up

These are the ladies I aspired to be.

ladies dress pattern

The last time fashion was actually pretty.

I always looked forward to growing up and getting to wear hats and gloves and crystal beads and big shiny brooches, big full skirts with narrow belts and crisp lacy slips underneath, carrying a pocketbook and an embroidered handkerchief.  I loved to look at the illustrations on the patterns Mom had, and I couldn’t wait until I would fit into this dress.  I was sure it would last me until I grew up.

7 day dress pattern

my dream wardrobe

Unfortunately for me I grew up in the Twiggy era, and dresses became nothing more than tubes with armholes.  Very disappointing.

At least I could play dress-up.

dress up

These ladies knew how to dress.

I still own a dress that my mom had for a Bo-peep costume in the 1940s –

Bo-peep costume

1940s Bo-peep costume

Later her cousin wore it in a high school production of  Little Women, and here I am dressed in it in the 1960s.

Bo-peep costume

A second generation in the costume.

I know nowadays I could dress any way I like, and I could sew some beautiful New Look dresses for myself – but since only the sheep see me most days, I think it would be a wasted effort.  Maybe I’ll just pin a rhinestone brooch onto my cowboy hat!