A Dozen in 2012

This is my latest quilt, bring my total of quilting projects for the year up to twelve.

purple crib quilt

Purple teddy bear quilt

Purple is not really my color, but much of this fabric is from donations.  Also it is for the local pregnancy assistance center, and I think most girls of that age love purple.  I hope it brings some happiness to someone who needs it.

I say “quilting projects” because most of them are not real, bed-size quilts.  This year I made one  double-size quilt, two teaching quilts (that are throw size), three baby quilts for the local pregnancy assistance center, and six lap quilts for the Veteran’s Administration hospital.  I have posted pictures of most of them throughout the year, but I will repeat them (in no particular order) here.

sunflower quilt

Sunflower baby quilt – I think this is my favorite project of this year.

sea glass quilt on gate

A double – bed size quilt

pollinator quilt

This one is for booth displays at environmental events.  I did actually finish the binding!

16-patch lap quilt

16-patch lap quilt

butterfly quilt

Butterflies of the Gulf Coast quilt – also for booth displays at environmental events.  I plan to add embellishments, but it is useable just as it is, so it goes into the “Done” column.

Noah's ark baby quilt

Noah’s ark baby quilt

red, white, and blue lap quilt

Red, white, and blue lap quilt – quilt-as-you-go log cabin squares

lap quilts

Boring but serviceable lap quilts.  The fabric was probably from the 80s – not stunning, but it all had such a beautiful hand, I didn’t want to waste it.

harvest lap robe

This has pumpkins on one side and holly on the other.  The quilting did not go well – that’s why I like to use busy fabric!

I did venture into half-square triangles this year, but it appears I am a square-and-rectangle girl!  I will have to try a circle next year! Also for someone who says she is not a big fan of purple – there was a lot of purple popping up in the quilts.

I have four works in progress, one of which I started last year, and three that I started this year.  That’s a pretty good ratio of started-to-finished projects!  I’m looking forward to increasing my output in 2013!

I had fun blogging this year, but even more, I have enjoyed finding so many wonderful blogs out there.  WordPress had a writing prompt a few weeks ago – “What if you had to choose between blogging and reading blogs?”  I would definitely choose to read blogs,  because I get constant insight and inspiration from the many blogs I follow.  Thanks to all of you, and please keep posting!