15 in ’15 Second Quarter Check-in

Here we are half way through the year!  Time to report progress on the goals I set at the beginning of the year.

√ 15 fused quilt blocks
I thought I would be making more artistic blocks, but instead I have made about 30 blocks of scrappy squares, and I like them.  I still have plans for artistic ones though.

⇔ 14 fabrics finished up.
I have used up 4 of the 14 that I planned.  I also wanted to use up my 14 gallon bags of scraps.  Even with all those fused blocks, though, I think I have only used up a bag or two.  Melanie‘s idea for me to finish out the scrap quilt with log cabin blocks will surely help me there.   Of course some new fabrics have added themselves to my collection, but I still have a relatively small stash, and I am just trying to keep it circulating, not pare it down completely.

⇔ 13 technique try-outs
I have tried four new techniques.  The ones that have stuck are making yo-yos and fusing scraps.

⇓ 12 practice art quiltets
Only one!  The little wren with silk organza.

√ 11 quilt video segments watched
I have watched all of Season 1 and 2 of Quilting Arts TV, and part of Season 5.   Even though I am checking off this goal, I have not watched any of my Craftsy videos, though.  I will, while I keep turning scraps into yo-yos!

⇑ 10 new supplies sampled
I am more than half-way on this one, using 6 materials that are new to me. I tried two materials for batting on the little lap robes I make for the VA hospital – cotton flannel and polyester fleece.  The cotton flannel was okay.  Other materials that I liked and will use again are silk organza, old linens, and fusible interfacing.  The one I won’t use again is Shiva paint sticks — I was not adept with them, and the smell was not to my liking.

⇔ 9 new dye plants sampled
I have used two new plants, coreopsis, and an as-yet-unidentified dandelion-type plant.  I have a pot of persimmons on the porch, but I have not been able to find any specific directions on how to use them, so I am just dipping both wool and cotton into the persimmon juice and then into soy milk.  I am getting a dark brown from that, but the cloth and yarn are losing flexibility, so I need more information.  I also retried five pond plants to see if I could find the one I got good color from two years ago, but in vain.  I hope to do more experiments, but it will have to wait until we get more clear weather.

⇑ 8 small quilts
I am on schedule with this one, with four done.

⇓ 7 layers of surface design on cloth
I have not done a thing with surface design.  That also goes back to all the rain we are having — it is hard to get outside to do any dyeing or printing.

⇑ 6 sessions of sharing textiles
I have done pretty well here, with 5 talks or lessons.  One more and then my weaving student Liz is on her own!  (okay, not really)

⇔ 5 fiber field trips
This is my biggest disappointment of the quarter.  We got to spend a week in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, and I just knew I would see all kinds of fabulous textiles at the historic homes, museums, and antique shops I planned to visit.  But I really didn’t see many — some white chenille bedspreads in a historic home, a museum spinning wheel with the spindle, flyer, and drive band mounted in the wrong place —  I couldn’t even find a quilt or coverlet for sale!  I had a great time, but it was not the fiber fiesta that I had imagined.

I did get to see this lovely portrait from 1830 at the place we stayed, the Marshall House,  It is of Mary Marshall, the one-time owner.  I was pleased with my fashion-dating abilities when I got the date right!

Portrait of Mary Marshall, from the Marshall House in Savannah, GA.

Portrait of Mary Marshall, from the Marshall House in Savannah, GA.  (Scroll down the page to see more information about Mary and the portrait at their website.)

4 warps
Still only one. Again, this goes back to the rain.  Cherished Neighbor Liz cannot even get over here to finish her weaving project or she will get bogged down in the pasture.

⇑ 3 tops (clothing, not quilts)
Well, I have gone “over the top” on this one!  I have 5 cut out and all their machine seams done.   They are just simple cotton sleeveless tops or tunics with three-quarter sleeves, just something cool to wear if I have to go to the store.  I need to do the hand-sewing while watching Craftsy videos!  I will probably get them done in time for cool weather in November.

⇔ 2 big quilts
Half-way through the first one!  I think I will get another big one done, too.

× I show
This one is not going to happen.  There was a non-juried show at one of the historic churches here, and they didn’t think they were going to get enough quilts to show, so I planned to enter one just to help them out.  It would have been the least stressful show entry ever.  But I didn’t get one done, and they ended up getting tons of quilts and having a very successful show.  Maybe next year.

So!  I can call two goals completed, and one written off.  I am still working on all the others in some fashion, and I still really like this structure for keeping me working on this year’s priorities.  I am not going off in any new and exciting directions, just having a year of consolidating skills and interests, but sometimes you need a year like that.