ScrapHappy January 2019

This ScrapHappy project uses more stylish scraps than my usual fare.

I have been making these gift bags from large samples of decorator fabrics.  I think I have given away 11, and I still have 9 left.  Each bag uses three to five pieces of fabric, so I estimate I have reclaimed about 10 yards of fabric from the landfill.  (It may get there eventually, but at least it will have served a purpose for a while first.)  For the drawstrings, I am using ribbons and trims from a big box I inherited.

Festive gift bags from designer fabric samples.

Another view.

I love these bags so much, I may use them as shoe bags when I pack, and give all the customs agents a surprising glimpse of luxury when they open my battered old suitcase as they always do.

I wrote a post with instructions for these bags right before Christmas.  It is pretty lengthy and detailed, but don’t let that put you off — it is quicker to make the bags than to read about it, I think.

ScrapHappy Day is the 15th of each month. Thank you to Kate and Gun for hosting, and for encouraging all of us!  Please look at the other participants:

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