Endeavourers Reveal Day 5 – Texture

It is time for another quarterly reveal day, for the online group The Endeavourers.  This time our theme was “Texture.”

Our themes are picked at random from a list, but I felt we were going to be very on-trend with this one, because in November I had seen some SAQA exhibits at the International Quilt Festival, and many of the quilts were thick with layers and crusted with objects.  One that stuck with me was from the exhibit Dusk to Dawn, called Motorcycopath by Jim Hay, which had toy motorcycles and cars appliqued on.  Another was from the exhibit Metamorphosis, called Growing Pains by Kathy L. Brown.  Its caption said it was made from organza, chiffon, taffeta, satin, silk, cotton, wool, beads, and silk roving, and that it was hand-embroidered, felted, free motion embroidered, heat-distressed, painted, photo manipulated, beaded, and quilted.

I had several ideas, but the only one I got completed is nothing like the inspirational quilts I saw in the SAQA exhibits.  I started with some cocoons I have gathered, thinking I could soften them and open them out into little flat shapes, or even affix them as beads.   That didn’t work and I ended up just using three types of silk — a dull tussah, and two shiny plain weaves.

Tussah and Taffeta, for the Endeavourers’ texture theme.


A cocoon laying on the finished piece.

Another detail.

Compared to my usual ideas, this strikes me understated, but it’s what I was in the mood for.  Maybe all this cloudy and cool weather we’ve been having affected me.  I like it, but I hope I get around to making some of the other ideas too.  You can read a little more about how I made this piece here.

What I really like is looking at all the group’s results together, seeing where we aligned and where we differed.  This time, a lot of people were on the same page, emphasizing texture with embellishment, pleating, and hand stitching.  But there seemed to be two strong directions with color — some people toned it down in order to strengthen the impact of texture, but others balanced their texture with bold color.  You can see all the pieces here, and since most people do two posts about each entry, one on The Endeavourers, and one on their home blog, here is a list of the participants:

Catherine – http://www.knottedcotton.com
Janine – https://rainbowhare.com/
Nancy – http://www.patchworkbreeze.blogspot.com/
Carol – http://beadsandbirds.blogspot.com/
Ruth – http://benandcharlyscorner.blogspot.co.uk/
Gwen – https://textileranger.com/
Martha – www.weekenddoings.com
Maureen – https://josephinaballerina.com/
Kay – http://thecraftyyak.wordpress.com
Fiona – http://celticthistlestitches.blogspot.co.uk/
Paula – https://paulabquilts.com/
Wendy – http://www.piecefulthoughts.com/